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Latest Volume: May-June 2024

Cody Two Bears Executive Director Indigenized Energy.jpg

Message From Our Executive Director

Hau’ Mitakuyapi (Hello My Relatives),

Seven years ago, I imagined a future for all Tribes that includes energy sovereignty, economic opportunity, and the restoration of balance across all living systems. My work with the #NoDAPL movement and as a life-long member of the Standing Rock Sioux helped shape this vision. Indigenized Energy is the result.


To those who have been on this journey with us—it’s good to see you, my friends. To all who are joining now: Tanyan Yahi or welcome. We’ve come a long way in seven years, but what is ahead will change everything for at least 14 Tribal communities. (I’ll come back to that.) It’s an exciting time to join us.

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The Ascendancy of the Northern Plains Tribal Coalition

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Perspectives: Q&A with Wes Davis, Co-Owner Lightspring Solar


Fueling Indigenous Solar: Private-Nonprofit Synergy Unleashed

Natural Landscapes

Previous Volume: Nov 2023

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