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 Pursuing Tribal Energy Sovereignty


Pursue tribal energy sovereignty through trusting partnerships and innovative programs that grow our collective capacity to unleash the power of renewable energy. With shared values, we work side by-side with tribes to help them pursue energy sovereignty based on their unique conditions, and develop their capabilities to plan, develop, and manage resilient and sustainable energy systems.



 A native led energy future for the next seven generations leading to thriving communities and the restoration of balance across all living systems on Earth.

What We Do


Indigenized Energy is a capacity-building organization that works directly with Native tribes to pursue energy transformation with a focus on economic development. Our primary goal is to help tribes develop a long-term energy vision and transformation plan, and to walk beside them as they pursue energy sovereignty. We utilize innovative education programs, direct mentoring, and renewable energy projects as strategic instruments for developing the capacity of tribal leaders and solar warriors. The outcomes we are creating include the establishment of long term energy visions by tribes that are codified in resolutions; securing resources to help tribes pursue energy transformation projects including solar, wind, and microgrids; and the creation of career opportunities for tribal members.

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