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Message from Director | Nov. 2023

Wonton Madikia (Hello)

Big things are happening at Indigenized Energy! We are excited to share progress and success stories in our newsletter. We are particularly proud of our efforts to work with the MHA Nation to form a coalition of 14 tribes across North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming in pursuit of an EPA Solar for All proposal.

We also have multiple exciting industry partnerships unfolding including our unique capacity

building efforts with Freedom Forever and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. Our End of Year

Giving Campaign is also highly focused on expanding the education and career development

opportunities we provide to Solar Warriors.

Please take some time to enjoy the stories of progress and hope, and share them across your


Thank you!

Cody Two Bears Executive Director, Indigenized Energy

Warm regards,

Cody Two Bears

Executive Director, Indigenized Energy



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